Kabbalah Amulet The Tikkun Haklali Psalms Silver 925

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Amulet The Tikkun Haklali «General correction» is a unique silver medallion, inside of which are all the Ten Psalms of King David hidden from the naked eye. The amulet gives to owner the strength to overcome sinful thoughts, contributes to the moral purification and reunification of your soul with God, for our soul is a part of the Lord.

Tikkun Haklali (General correction) helps the master to receive from the Almighty support in any of his endeavors, to strengthen mental and physical health. The medallion is made using nanotechnology and laser engraving in combination with a three-dimensional hologram. The contents can be read through a microscope at a magnification of 440 times.

Size: Ø2cm (0.79inch)
Chain size: 50cm (19.7inch)
Material: Silver 925

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