5 Red String Bracelets blessed in Jerusalem & Fertility Seal Amulet

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5 Red String Bracelets blessed in Jerusalem & Fertility Seal Amulet
The red string is a powerful Kabbalah talisman , filled with great value. An important role is played the following the rules when tying the string. It needs only to be tied around the left wrist, and should be done by a relative or loved one who wishes you well. The string is knotted at seven knots, and then you read a special prayer. 
The King Solomon Fertility Seal is a powerful magical amulet that promotes the emergence of new life. The design of the Fertility seal includes two parallel lines, which, thanks to the magical letters of the Heavenly alphabet, create the desired fusion. Thanks to the amulet, the need for procreation, inherent in nature, is realized. It helps people to make their desires and various dreams come true, which they think will never realize. The amulet is intended for everyone who is unable to independently produce offspring, both women and men. The power of the King Solomon Fertility Seal helped many people to conceive a long-awaited child, to create an atmosphere of joy and love in the family. It releases mental stress, which may delay conception. During pregnancy it protects the mother and the embryo.
By purchasing this Red Strings Set, you receive authentic Red String bracelets from Holy Land, which can protect you and your relatives from Evil Eye and bring you a good luck.​​​​​​, and King Solomon Fertility Seal designed on the card in same size like credit card, so you can put it in your wallet all the time you need it.

This set includes:

5 Red String Bracelets
1 special booklet with the prayer and instructions
1 card with King Solomon Fertility Seal
Size of the card: 8.3x5.3 cm (3.3x2.1 inch)
Length of each Red String: ~30cm (~12 inch)

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