14K Yellow Gold Square Pendant Hoshen Stones with Gemstones

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14K Yellow Gold Square Pendant Hoshen Stones with Gemstones. Jewelry by Anbinder. Handcrafted design. (+3D Floating Frame Display Holder Jewelry Storage Box)
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This exquisite 14K gold square pendant adorned with gemstones from the Hoshen is a luxurious piece of jewelry imbued with deep meaning.
Crafted from 14K yellow gold, the pendant features a textured surface, engraved with the Hebrew word "Hoshen," and is set with 12 sparkling gemstones. This design is a faithful representation of the Jewish High Priest's breastplate from the days of Jerusalem's Holy Temple.
The 12 gemstones, which include Blue Topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Peridot, Sapphire, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Diamond & Emerald, were each assigned to one of the 12 tribes of Israel, as indicated by God in the Old Testament. They were set in the golden breastplate of the High Priest and endowed with magical powers, used to obtain answers from God to the questions asked.
Handmade in the Holy Land, this magnificent 14K gold square pendant with gemstones from the Hoshen would make an excellent gift for a special occasion. It is a real piece of art, filled with amazing energy that can help you express your love, faith, and gratitude to your loved ones.

RUBY - boosts vitality and energy levels.
GARNET - enhances abundance and success in business, while weakening negative energy.
CITRINE - promotes prosperity and quality of life, providing joy and strength.
AQUAMARINE - has soothing properties that focus on reducing stress and promoting relaxation.
TOPAZ - suppresses fear and provides peace of mind.
SAPPHIRE - strengthens health and provides courage.
PERIDOT - promotes healing and self-confidence.
ONYX - supports self-control and endurance, and improves memory.
EMERALD - has strong healing energy and relieves stress.
DIAMOND - protects from the evil eye and eliminates negative energy.
AMETHYST - alleviates anxiety and fear, maintaining peace of mind and harmony.
BLUE TOPAZ - helps make the right decisions, and encourages the development of physical strength and endurance.

Made in Israel
14K Yellow Gold & Gemstones
Quantity stones:  
12 Gemstones (Blue topaz, Citrine, Garnet, Ruby, Onyx, Peridot, Sapphire, Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Diamond & Emerald)
Stone shape:  Round
Size (including bail): 25 mm x 30 mm (1” x 1.2”)
Thickness: 3 mm (0.1”)
Weight: 10.6 gr

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