The Key of Soul Profusion

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The key is the combination of names of the Creator with citrine, stone, widely known for its positive influence on the financial field.
Medallion enhances the clarity of thoughts, connects intuition and logic, accelerates decision-making mechanism, facilitates relations with other people and improves verbal and oratorical abilities. In addition, the key gives a person the sense of stability, helps to demonstrate self-confidence and determination to act to other people, speaking in general - all the character traits that enable people to achieve prosperity, sustainable financial returns and capital formation. "The key of wealth," helps to strengthen the consciousness that a person is worth the best things in the world. Changing the mindset allows you to open a channel of wealth, in other words, when a person is really opened for success and wealth, it doesn’t take long to get it.

Size: 6 х 1,5 сm
Material: Silver
Weight: 13gr
Bundled Silver chain and gift wrapping

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