Amulet The Brass Serpent for Paths Clearing

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The amulet is based on one of the Biblical tales. It tells that the Jewish people during the wandering to the Promised Land began to murmur against the God, and the Lord sent them poisonous snakes as a punishment. Many sons of Israel died from the snakes. Then Moses cried out to the God to rescue his people, and the God told him to make a bronze serpent and put it on a pole, looking at which every dying person would be healed. And so it happened.

The amulet the Brass Serpent is considered to be protector and healer. Its cabalistic code transforms the body and soul on the karmic level, frees it from the heavy load of negative past reconciles with errors and directs to the correct way. The main purpose of the amulet is to release its owner from the yoke of unpleasant memories and clear the beginning of a new path.

Material: Cooper
Bundled Gift packaging and catalog with descriptions

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