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Kabbalah Pendant Ana Bekoah Gold 14k Amulet with Star of David

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Kabbalah Pendant Ana Bekoah Gold 14k Amulet Talisman with Star of David

One of the strongest Amulets of Kabbalah, made of 14 gold, has an engraving of the full original text of the prayer "Ana Bekoah" and has almost unlimited possibilities.

One of the most famous Kabbalistic prayers of Ana Bekoah, recorded by Rabbi Nakhonia ben Hakan in the I century, consists of 7 lines, 6 words in each line, and the first letters of it 42 words correspond to the special “42 letters of the Name of the God” pronounced in the Jerusalem.
With the correct understanding of the sacral meaning of prayer and the realization of each Sefira, the presence of the Supreme mind of the universe, you can get access to the energy flow of the universe.

The prayer of Ana Be Koah is considered the kabbalists of the whole world, one of the most effective and powerful.

On the Spiral, from the outer circumference to the center, is engraved with the full text of the prayer, consisting of seven stanzas, each of which has its own sephira for visual meditation. The text of the prayer is written in the original language:

Sefirot text of the prayer:
אָנָּא בְּכֹחַ לַּת יְמִינֶךָ תַּתִּיר רוּרָה אב"ג ית"צ
The energy of giving and the mercies of the spheres
בֵּל רִנַּת עַמֶּךָ שַׂגְּבֵנוּ טַהֲרֵנוּ נוֹרָא קר"ע שט"ן
Negative Dispatch Removal Energy
נָא בּוֹר וֹרְשֵׁי יִחוּדֶךָ כְּבָבַת שָׁמְרֵם נג"ד יכ"ש
The energy of abundance and light
בָּרְכֵם טַהֲרֵם רַחֲמֵי צִדְקָתֶךָ תָּמִיד גָּמְלֵם בט"ר צת"ג
Energy to overcome obstacles
חֲסִין קָדוֹשׁ בְּרוֹב טוּבְךָ נַהֵל עֲדָתֶךָ חק"ב טנ"ט
The energy of development of the sixth sense and spiritual intelligence
יָחִיד גֵּאֶה לְעַמְּךָ פְּנֵה זוֹכְרֵי קְדֻשָּׁתֶךָ יג"ל פז"
Energy of Atonement and Forgiveness
שַׁוְעָתֵנוּ קַבֵּל וּשְׁמַע צַעֲקָתֵנוּ יוֹדֵעַ תַּעֲלוּמוֹת שק"ו וצי"ת
Energy Regeneration and Healing

How to read:
A'na Ba'ko'ah, Gdula't Yaminha ', Tati'r Tsru'ra
Cabe'l Rina't, Amha 'Sagwe'nu, Taare'nu Nora
On Gibo'r, Dorshe'j Yehudha ', Kabava't Shomra'm
Barhe'm Taare'm, Rahamei 'Tsidkadha', Tami'd Gomle'm
Hasi'n Kado'sh, Baeru'v Tuvha ', Nae'l Adateh'ha
Yahi'd Gee ', Leamkha' P'ne, Zohre'y Kdushate'kha
Shav'ate'nu Kabe'l, Ushma 'Tsaakate'nu, Yode'a Taalumo't

The text translation:

1. We pray: with the great power of your right hand untie the fetters!
2. Accept the prayer of your people, strengthen and cleanse us, Formidable!
3. We pray: Almighty! Proclaiming the unity of Thy save as the pupil of the eye!
4. Bless them, cleanse them, show them mercy, grant them Your justice, always!
5. Unbreakable and holy, with great kindness rule your people!
6. The only, Most High, turn to His people, to those who remember Your holiness!
7. Receive our supplication and hear our cry, Thou, in front of whom is hidden the secret!

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Made in Israel
Material: Gold 14k
Package includes: 
1. The Pendant
2. Chain (SIlver 925 Gold Plated)
3. Gift box.

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Meryl Walker

This is a substantial, beautifully crafted and well done piece. A piece to wear and love for a lifetime.

Joseph Davis
Love wearing it!

Beautiful and meaningful. Highly recommend.