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Women Kabbalah Ring with Angels Blessing and Chatoyancy Stone Silver 925

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Women Kabbalah Ring with Angels Blessing and Chatoyancy Stone Silver 925

Exclusive silver ring "Blessing of Angels", made by professional masters and decorated with a stone "Cat's Eye" will not only protect you from all sorts of misfortunes, but will also be an original jewelry adornment of enormous sacral value.
In a spiral, a prayer is engraved on the ring for the four angels of God (see below), giving protection to the Higher Powers.
The cat's eye stone is often mentioned in ancient chronicles and according to legends it has a strong protective energy, the ability to enrich its owner and bring good luck in everything.

Prayer Blessing of the Angels is considered the most powerful protective mantra.
On the outer circle of the ring, the beginning of the prayer is engraved:
«מימיני מיכאל, משמאלי גבריאל, מלפני אוריאל, מאחורי רפאל»
"To my right is Michael; to my left, Gabriel; Uriel before me; Rafael is behind me »

Archangel Michael - "Who is like God," according to the Bible, created first and called "First among equals," will help in understanding your destiny and in achieving your goal.
Archangel Gabriel - "The Power of God", delivering messages from God, will help in the development of your super abilities and protect you from all evil.
Archangel Uriel - "The Light of God," the patron of peace and salvation, carries within himself the light of the Lord and protects your soul throughout life.
Archangel Raphael - "Doctor of God", heals the body and soul, helps to strengthen health and peace of mind. It is believed that it was he who handed to King Solomon a famous ring with a seal.

The end of the prayer is engraved on the inner part of the ring:
«ומעלי שכינת האל»
"And above me is the Divine Presence"

Terms of use:

- It is recommended to read the prayer every time - taking off or dressing your ring, before a long journey or an important event.
- It is better to say a prayer in the original language.
original text:
«מימיני מיכאל, משמאלי גבריאל, מלפני אוריאל, מאחורי רפאל ומעלי שכינת האל»
How to read correctly:
"Mi-me'ni Miha'a'l, mi-smali 'Gabriel, mi-lefne'y Uri''l, mi-ahare'i Rafa'el, in the Maali' schina't a'e'l '

Full text translation:

On my right hand is Angel Michael
On my left hand is the angel Gabriel
And before me - the angel Uriel
And for me - the angel Raphael
And above my head is Divine Presence!

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Made in Israel
Material: Silver 925

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