Kabbalah Signet Ring with prayer to Attract Love Silver and Gold 9K

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Kabbalah Signet Ring with prayer to Attract Love Sterling Silver and Gold 9K.

The original signet ring to attract love. Kabbalah Ring with Golden Star of David. The prayer for attracting love, taken from the book of Proverbs (chapter 31:29) and according to Kabbalah, has the strongest energy that helps in finding your half.
Engraved quote "רבות בנות עשו חיל ואת עלית על כלנה" "Many daughters have done virtuously, but thou excellest them all". (Proverbs 31:29) draws energy to create a vibratory field of love. The Golden Star of David will be a reliable shield from physical harm and negative energy of ill-wishers. The protective properties of the six-pointed star have been known to mankind since ancient times. Products are of the highest quality and are thoroughly tested before sale.

Made in Israel

•Ring size: 0.63"x0.59"/0.14 (15.9x15.2/3.8mm)
•Weight: 0.245oz (7.1gr)
•Material: Sterling Silver and Gold 9K

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