Kabbalah Ring Talisman for Wealth and Good Luck Silver Gold Amulet

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Kabbalah Ring for Wealth and Good Luck

This exclusive Kabbalah ring is made of gold 9K and silver 925.

The unique properties of protection embedded in the name of God .א.ל.ד will reliably close you from the evil eye and damage.
God's Name ס.א.ל.  - one of the 72 names of the God and has the energy of abundance and prosperity.
The prayer from the first chapter of the Shema Israel prayer (Dvarim 6: 4-9), commanded by the Torah, is fundamental and contains the essence of the Judaic religion.
Engraved on the ring, the wish of Wealth and Good Luck will help to improve your well-being.

Made in Israel
Material: Silver 925, Gold 9K

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