Kabbalah Men's Bracelet Ana Bekoach Leather Silver 925

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Kabbalah Men's  Bracelet Ana Bekoach  Leather Silver 925 

This is not just a kabbalistic amulet - it's your talisman for life. On the silver sphere is written the prayer of Ana Bekoach - the strongest prayer, giving the opportunity to receive from God the clear answer to any question.

Prayer includes seven stanzas corresponding to the seven days of the week, and the first letters of its 42 words to the special 42-letter Name of the Most High, which was pronounced by the high priest only in the Temple of Jerusalem. Meditation with an amulet develops the gift of foresight and extrasensory abilities.

Long charm length: 1.44" (36.7mm)

Long charm width: 0.21" (5.5mm)

Short charm length: 0.14" (3.7mm)

Short charm width: 0.21" (5.5mm)

Bracelet width: 0.15" (3.9mm)

Weight: 0.613oz (17.38gr)

Material: Sterling Silver & Leather

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