King Solomon Seal | Profusion Talisman | Kabbalah Amulet

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The King Solomon Seal "Profusion" is one of the most popular and most effective seals known.
This seal is the First Pentacle of Jupiter. The names of four angels are inscribed in the circle of the seal, leading along the path of obtaining wealth:
⦁ Netoniel "נתוניאל" energy activation
⦁ Virgo "דוחיה" unity of faith
⦁ Tsedechia "צדקיה" way up
⦁ Parasiel "פרסיאל" getting wealth
The pentacle serves to achieve financial wealth, income and business success. Brings good luck and career growth. Recommended for business people.

This set includes:

1 card with King Solomon Profusion Seal
1 card with using description
Size of the card: 8.3x5.3 cm (3.3x2.1 inch)

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