Gnostic Amulets blessings of love health strength wealth & protection

Gnosticism is the name given to a system of religion which carne into existence in the Roman Empire about the time Christianity was established; it was founded on a philosophy known in Asia Minor centuries previously and apparently based upon the Egyptian beliefs, the Zendavesta, Buddhism, and the Kabala, with their conception of the perpetual conflict between good and evil.
The name is derived from the Greek Gnosis, meaning knowledge, and, in brief, the Gnostics’ belief was that the intellectual world, with its Spirits, Intelligences, and various Orders of Angels were created by the Almighty, and that the visible matter of creation was an emanation from these powers and forces.
Gnostic amulets, are dated mainly to the 1st-5th century. The depictions, symbols and inscriptions on them often refer to Gnosticism, a religious-philosophical current very popular in that period. The syncretic iconographic solutions as well as the words and inscriptions on them were of great importance. Engraved symbols, this is intended to provide blessings of love, health, strength, wealth and protection.
In order to maintain secrecy they were often written in code and clandestine names were used. To reach god, it was necessary to overstep the rules of ordinary language. Similarly to the Egyptian or Gnostic tradition, in Greco-Roman magic it was believed that words and names had power.