Effective Anti Cellulite Gel & Caffein Aroma Dead Sea Minerals 160ml

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Effective Anti Cellulite Gel & Caffein Aroma Dead Sea Minerals 160ml

While intensively penetrating the superficial skin layers, the Anti Cellulite gel helps you to eliminate cellulite and fat deposits. Thanks to its unique ingredients the gel continues to fight cellulite for many hours after the application. It contains camphor, menthol, caffeine, nicotinic acid, amino acids and Dead Sea minerals. By using the gel daily you will achieve great results in the treatment of cellulite.
General Notification:
Due to its active components this Anti Cellulite Gel can cause an allergic reaction to some of the users. Please be advised that before you start the treatment, put a little of the gel on a small area of your skin, rub it slowly and wait for about 20 minutes.  If  allergic reaction happens - DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT.  Our statistics for this products are 1:10,000. So one person out of 10,000 can be allergic to one of these product components.
How To Use :
Apply anti-cellulite gel in the necessary amount to the skin areas affected with cellulite (buttocks, external part of the leg up to the knee, stomach etc) and massage vigorously until fully absorbed. It is recommended to use the gel once a day.

Weight: 7.7 oz /219gr
Volume: 160ml/5.41.oz
Brand:  Aroma Dead Sea
Country of Origin:   Israel

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