Christian Rings

Christian Rings from Jerusalem

In our online store you can find various Christian rings, which depicts the Jerusalem Cross, Lion of Judah, Orthodox Crosses. Christian rings - is a great way to honor your faith in Savior while remaining in style.
Gold and silver make rings luxurious, and diamonds add chic and bright accents to style. Jewelry has always been a marker of the high social status and well-being of the owner.
Christian rings offered at our online store combines traditions, modern designs and Christian symbolism. The Cross of Jerusalem is a reminder of the five wounds suffered by Christ during his crucifixion. Lion of Judah is one of the symbols of strength and victory. This is the image of the Messiah as the Victorious King.
Elevate your faith with our trendy assortment of Christian rings with biblical meanings behind every one.
We work hard to ensure that you receive the highest quality Christian rings right from the heart of the Holy Land.

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